Sideline Support for Community Athletics

There are three components of our Foundation mission. One of those components is our commitment to sideline medical and safety support at community athletic events.  

What is sideline support? 

Sideline support is our term for supporting community athletics by helping to ensure individuals supporting athletes on the sidelines have items, resources, support and training to keep athletes and others safe and healthy through injury preventative devices, equipment and tools.

Our foundation continues to reach out to those committed to sideline support to survey their needs, and to find out where we can help fill in the gaps.

In some cases, community athletics are fortunate to have professional athletic trainers or sports medicine professionals at the ready full-time,  Others rely on volunteer professionals, paraprofessionals or helpful lay volunteers. In most cases, it's any combination thereof.  And in many cases, especially in rural areas, gaps exist regarding equipment availability, training opportunities etc. 

With YOUR SUPPORT, you can help us fill in the gaps of resources, supplies, trainings etc. these amazing individuals need to keep everyone safe!